About Us

Life to Life Global Building Group began with the meeting of two neighbors in Davenport, Iowa: Tim Mooney and Eric Brookhart. Previously, Tim worked as a missionary in Uganda at Makerere University. This three year adventure introduced Tim to many people in Uganda. Tim kept in contact with those he met, several of whom are now educators, doctors, and workers at Ugandan NGO’s (non governmental organizations).

In 1999 Tim was visited by a friend from Uganda, Denis Ndwabawe, who was looking for supporters to continue his work with Ugandan high school students. At this time Tim thought of his neighbor, Eric, currently working on a large construction project. Eric donated to support Denis with his mission and Denis assisted Eric with his project. The two new friends hit it off immediately.

In 2002 Tim was considering a trip to Uganda to see Denis but did not want to make the trip alone and again thought of Eric as Denis was trying to finish his home in Kampala Uganda. Eric accepted the offer of a working vacation to Uganda. The two flew off to Uganda and spent time with Denis. Eric assisted with the addition of kitchen cabinets and hot water, a luxury in Uganda. Tim took Eric to meet many of those he had known since his work at the University of Uganda. The sights, sounds, smells, and most of all people of Uganda amazed Eric.

In 2003. Tim’s global study class came to him with the idea of a building project in Africa. Once again Tim thought of Eric. One call and so began the creation of Life to Life Global Building Group.

Why We Do It

If you set out to make a true difference in peoples lives you might seek first those in the most desperate of situations. Next you need to consider where your efforts will be effective. Some people have been given the opportunity to travel or to work in a foreign country thus developing relationships with their people. This is where we have the ability to travel to Africa. Sub-sahara Africa is home to the most disadvantaged people on the planet.

With our extensive networking ability in Uganda, Life To Life Global Building Group has the resources to develop resources for sustained growth. There is no better way to educate America’s young adults as to the needs of the world’s poorest people, than to take them and be witness to their situation. We at Life to Life Global Building Group create life changing experiences, not only the lives of those we go to serve, but also in those who go to provide the service.